Full time work for a full time salary

Working for often less than 2 cents an hour is a common threat in countries like Kenya. We ask locals to sell their work at western rates, so that we may resell them within the borders of Europe. 100% of the profit goes straight to the righteous owner, this way some workers may even earn up to 10 times their regular profit.

The green project

There is a saying that goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Chinese proverb” 

Giving the people of Shamu the skills to grow fruit trees and vegetable crops is one of our most important aims. We want to create a community of traders, shopkeepers and farmers who can all buy and sell their produce. Everyone can learn to make a living by learning to care for and grow their own fruit trees. In doing so, our project helps to create awareness of the importance of what Mother Earth has to offer – How the Water & the Sun work together to help farmers produce nutritious fruit. This awareness teaches our farmers and dwellers of Shamu to care for their land because that is what will help to give them a living.

School uniforms for our children

For children, wearing school uniforms creates pride and unity. They feel one with their friends and teachers when everyone enters school with the same clothes, neat and tidy, ready for the day ahead. However, many Kenyan children do not have this privilege and are often excluded from entering school because they do not own a school uniform. In Kenya, it is a necessity that every child wears uniform to school; therefore it is important to clothe each child with a uniform to ensure their acceptance into school.