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For children, wearing school uniforms creates pride and unity. They feel one with their friends and teachers when everyone enters school with the same clothes, neat and tidy, ready for the day ahead. However, many Kenyan children do not have this privilege and are often excluded from entering school because they do not own a school uniform. In Kenya, it is a necessity that every child wears uniform to school; therefore it is important to clothe each child with a uniform to ensure their acceptance into school.

Thankfully our Uniform Project aims to address the needs for Kenyan School children by making uniforms with the donations we receive from those kindly made by You. (whoever is reading this webpage).

The Be Nice Express, an American organisation has also taken good care to include our project in their program. With their help we now aim to make uniforms for children in Uganda and Tanzania because we believe that in reaching as many children in need of education, we can make a positive change in the futures of these children. 

With your help, the uniform project can aid not only school kids go to school with pride and dignity, but also the community. And this is how: With the donations we receive, We teach some skilled people in Shamu how to make the uniforms, and this creates jobs. Once the uniforms are made, they are ready for any child at school-going age to wear.

Imagine making one child’s future a growing possibility.! It begins with something as simple as a new school uniform. 

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