Hard work pays off

There is a saying that goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Chinese proverb” 

Giving the people of Shamu the skills to grow fruit trees and vegetable crops is one of our most important aims. We want to create a community of traders, shopkeepers and farmers who can all buy and sell their produce. Everyone can learn to make a living by learning to care for and grow their own fruit trees. In doing so, our project helps to create awareness of the importance of what Mother Earth has to offer – How the Water & the Sun work together to help farmers produce nutritious fruit. This awareness teaches our farmers and dwellers of Shamu to care for their land because that is what will help to give them a living.

Teaching, rather than simply giving, ensures that people can learn to live sustainable lives. We hope to one day create such a space that the people of Shamu can independently live in abundance rather than in need of help. 

One of our special trees is the Moringa tree. It holds many health properties and its fruit can be made soap bars which are sold. Some of the profit made from this goes to the school we are going to build. 

Other fruits and vegetables are: Passion Fruit, maize and spinach, which are high in vitamins – healthy for developing children. 

What we’ve done so far

Help the locals grow their own vegetables / Teach the children how to maintain their assigned gardens

Finished 70%

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